Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Round Robin Embroidery Project

I belong to a group of beaders, semi-formally named "The Loomatics" (loom' - a - tics) which is a study group derived of members from the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild (GLBG).

GLBG members are from all across the state of Michigan, and across the country! The GLBG, 400 members strong, encourages its members to find other Guild members who live close to their homes, and form study groups. The Loomatics is one of these groups.

Loomatics is a group of 12 creative, accomplished women, 11 beaders and one non-beading, yet very creative, friend. This is actually a pretty big group to get together - not everyone is lucky enough to have a table large enough for beaders to spread out their mats! If you are considering forming a group, you may want to consider your space carefully.

Last fall, I suggested a project to The Loomatics, and wonderful women that they are, took this suggestion and are running with it. A group project - a Round Robin Embroidery project.

Each of us started with a design on a background (Lacy's Stiff Stuff or felt, etc.,) maybe beaded a bit of it, then passed it on to the next person on the (alphabetical) list. Each person gets one month to work on it, then on it goes to the next one on the list. We are only in the second month and already we've seen beautiful work.

We get together once a month and share the project that we've worked on. Part of the excitement of this project is that the "owner" leaves the room while the rest of us get to see her project. We will not get to see our own project until it has made the complete "Round". It's great fun, but when I'm the one out of the room, I hate not knowing what everyone is saying and laughing about!

If you think a Round Robin is a project your group may want to try, important to know the group members well enough to trust them with your project - skill level is not the only consideration. There should be some basic rules, and respect for the individual artist's vision, yet with lots of room for creativity.

If you would like to learn more about the basic "rules," please contact me at:


The bad Liz said...

Susie! What a great write up! Perhaps we can alter part of this for the newsletter and further publication (because you do have a great start).

LJeanCreations said...

Great write up Sue!! but who said that you have to live close to each other?