Sunday, August 16, 2009

What's up with my FEET???

I seem to have a foot thing going here... I wonder what THAT'S about??? Things often happen in threes, so there might be another coming soon.

Late Afternoon at the Beach

Mid-july, I was wandering the shoreline at Tawas Point State Park, taking pictures with my cell phone camera. Just last week I learned how to get those pic OUT of my phone and to my email... then save the the hard drive, then add to the blog. Wow... the technology!!!

Great Michigan Summer

This is where I hang out - on my front porch overlooking the garden - in my sky chair. This chair is a great invention of canvas and thick wood dowels and it feels like a floating recliner, complete with foot rest. It's been such beautiful weather all summer... up to the last week or so, when the real August weather kicked in - high humidity and high temps.